Top youngsters from Euro 2016

Many of us thought that this time the European championship would not live up to it’s hype. This was because of many reasons such as security, UEFA etc but the major reason behind this uncertainty was the number of teams (24) playing in the tournament. Never have we ever been so wrong in our perceptions though. 24 teams playing in the Euros allowed us to see teams like Iceland and Albania who despite their population proved that heart, passion and sheer work rate are everything you need to succeed. Following are the new faces that will mesmerize the world with their feet for years to come: Continue reading “Top youngsters from Euro 2016”

The Greatest Sportsman Ever

There never has, and never will be a more popular athlete than Muhammad Ali he was the fastest the greatest the meanest boxer of all time, he was the ‘Concorde’ of boxing and the most charismatic sports personality of all time. He wasn’t just a boxer he was an icon, a negotiator who saved a man on the ledge who was committing suicide, he also negotiated with Saddam Hussain to release 15 U.S citizens taken hostage by him. Continue reading “The Greatest Sportsman Ever”