Victory #73

It was the 73rd time Pakistan beat India and it was without any doubt the sweetest one because it was an ICC event final and the way Pakistan annihilated India it doesn’t happen any other day that we crush their egos so badly as Indian media and Indian fans thought they were invincibles, it doesn’t happen any other day that the ball doesn’t dislodge the bails and the opponents oversteps the line of control, it doesn’t happen any other day that you can get Kohli on two consecutive deliveries, it doesn’t happen any other day that probably the weakest batting line-up of the tournament posted the highest total of the tournament and the strongest batting line-up of the tournament was dismissed under 200 but it happened that day when we beat India the 73rd time when we batted like 2017 and we bowled like 90’s and the team that was struggling to even qualify for the tournament won the Champions Trophy. You know what a cornered tiger does? He attacks back that is what exactly Pakistan did.

A team that debuted three players during the tournament and all three delivered at different stages of tournament all that was possible because of PSL that helped them to perform at the big stage when it really mattered from Fakhar’s century in the final, to Hasan Ali’s 13 wickets in the tournament to young leggie Shadab’s confident review that dismissed Yuvraj to Sarfaraz’s captaincy that was groomed when he captained Quetta Gladiators.

And in the end thanks, to Oval the day South London was conquered by Pakistan and it always has been lucky for Pakistan as we won our first Test in Oval, where Pakistan became #1 Test team in the world and now we were crowned Champions Trophy winners in 2017 yes Oval it is, Yes Oval is lucky for us.

Pakistan cricket at its best, One minute down, next minute up (Thank you, Nasser Hussain)

Where do you begin to define the undefinables?

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