Leicester City’s fairy tale

On 2nd of May 2016 the greatest underdog story ever to be written was completed as Chelsea held Tottenham at the Bridge. Leicester City became the champions of England and we were fortunate enough to witness this fairy tale live. Following are a few amazing facts we gathered throughout the season:

The remarkable ‘Andy King’

Andy King is now the only player to win Premier League, Championship and League One with the same club. This is an unbelievable illustration of how this small club grew in stature and paved their way to glory!Andrew_Andy_King

Passion and Heart defeats Money and Resources

Leicester City’s title competitors were Arsenal,Tottenham, Manchester City and Manchester United. These clubs collectively spent more than 980 million Pounds! On the other hand Leicester City spent under 55 million Pounds only and won the Premier League. If this doesn’t prove Leicester’s resolve and passion than we don’t know what else will. _89546932_squad_value

Brilliant decision making

Marc Albrighton was released by Aston Villa in 2014 on account of being not good enough. Danny Simpson was allowed to leave by Newcastle so that they could get ‘someone better’. Both Newcastle and Aston Villa have been relegated and Marc Albrighton and Danny Simpson have played a crucial role in Leicester’s title win.Marc_Albrighton_croppedds

The curious case of Ritchie De Laet

Ritchie De Laet achieved a unique feat of winning two separate winner’s medals as he was loaned out to   now promoted, Middles-borough during the season. Furthermore, he won the Premier League Champions medal for appearing in more than 8 games for Leicester City.

From Bench to Glory 

Mark Schwarzer became the only player to win two back to back PL with two different clubs with out playing a single match. He was part of Chelsea’s squad last season and was part of Leicester’s squad for this season.Mark_Schwarzer-Australia



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