Fedrer v Djokovic

2015 season ends with another Roger Fedrer vs Novak Djokovic showdown for the third time in a major tournament final this year after Wimbledon and US open finals, Fedrer had a great chance to avenge the two grand slam title match losses, for a man who has nothing left to prove, this victory would have proved himself and the world how hungry he still is. As for Novak he had an incredible final record this year playing fifteen consecutive finals winning eleven of them, tonight Djokovic was in majestic touch controlling the rallies from start till end. This win also saw Djokovic become the first player to win four straight season-finale titles in the tournament’s 46-year history.

It was an excellent season for both Fedrer and Djokovic both coming head to head 8 times in which Djokovic leads by 5-3 as he played the best tennis of his life but a little unfortunate for a 34 year Fedrer as he was in sublime form through out the season with a 63-11 win-loss record reaching finals in this age is a big achievement for a tennis player.

Novak Djokovic ends the year with three grand slam titles, a defeat in the French Open final, six Masters titles, and the Barclays ATP world tour final with a 82-6 win-loss record which is absoluotely scintillating.

Has he become a benchmark of sporting dominance i guess so but one prize that sill alludes Djokovic is the French Open can he win it in 2016?

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