EPL seems more competitive than ever

All good things must come to an end and it seems like the English premiership’s top 4 will be blown apart by the likes of Leicester, Everton, Tottenham and West Ham United. On the other hand none of the new comers have shown signs of getting relegated and every week there is a new surprise in store for the viewers. Here are a few reasons we think this is happening:

The influx of money 

The English premiership is the most watched league of the world. This allows it to generate a lot of income in terms of viewership money. This season a TV deal worth 5.3 billion pounds was signed which would be distributed among the clubs. Except this, each club in the premiership is paid almost 3 times more money than a club in the Spanish La Liga at the end of the season.


A  great amount of diversity of Nationalities and ideas in the players and the managers

England has a great number of nationalities, football players and managers are brought in from all over the world to make teams competitive. This in turn brings about an influx of different ideas and thought processes. Managers like Arsene Wenger, Alex Ferguson,Claudio Rannieri, Jose Mourinho,Michael Laudrup and Ronald Koeman have all changed the premier league with new tactics and gave teams a more competitive edge. Diversified teams and management may be a problem for the English FA but from a neutral’s point of view more competition means more and more surprises.

New comers have been a revelation

Usually when teams from championship come to the premier league they get battered by the Premier league team. This time though none of the three teams have looked like they are not up for the challenge. Leicester City have are comfortably sitting at third place with the help of top goal scorer Jamie Vardy. Watford are sitting at 11th position with the help of Odion Ighalo. Bournemouth have also been good until their progress was stopped due to injuries. The reason for this is probably the never give up attitude that they have brought with them from the Championship and it seems like they are up for the long season ahead.

Neutrals love the premier league at the moment as it has surprised us a lot in these 11 games that have passed. The real question though is about how consistent they can be throughout the season and why is this competition not proving itself on the European front (mainly the Champions league?)


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