Chelsea vs Liverpool : Things we might see

Who would’ve thought that last years champions will be sitting at 15th position in the table after the 10th game of the season ? We can’t wait for this match to start as two of football’s biggest clubs and two extremely talented coaches go head to head in London. Following are a few things we might see when Klopp goes against Mourinho.

Klopp’s fluent attack vs Mourinho’s tactical & defensive display

Klopp might have arrived recently but Liverpool are already showing signs of improvement as their attack seems more potent and Klopp’s renowned hard pressing style is kicking into another gear. The only problem seems to be a lack of leadership in the team. We can still expect Liverpool to attack as they have the added dimension of Roberto Firminio who put in a sensational performance in midweek.

Mourinho on the other hand is possibly going to go with his typical defensive tactics and Chelsea will try to slow down the tempo of the game. This will be a sensible move for the Portuguese despite getting a lot of stick for these type of tactics. Mourinho would also want his team to press harder as Chelsea have not been pressing hard enough which allows the opposition a lot of space to maneuver.

Phillip Coutinho hitting top form

Phillip Coutinho was Liverpool’s stand out performer last season but after 10 games in the season he hasn’t hit top gear. Chelsea’s center midfield and full backs are in the worst of form at the moment and this might be the chance the little Brazilian will be looking to hit top gear and show some of his class.

Eden Hazard and Cesc Fabregas proving their class

Eden Hazard was last season’s best performing player and has shown glimpses of why he was one of the most deadliest wingers in the league. Statistically, the Belgian has created more chances, one every 28 minutes (up from 34 minutes last term) but a spark has been missing from his play. Hazard missed a crucial penalty in midweek, he might repay his debt by scoring against a leaky Liverpool defense.

Cesc Fabregas has had a torrid start to season as well, the Spaniard had 9 assists in his first 10 games last season but this season he has only 1 assist in 10 games.

This is an ideal opportunity for both these gems to shine for Chelsea and possibly kick start Chelsea’s campaign .

A high scoring game

This will be a game for the neutrals as both teams are susceptible to leaking goals at the back. Chelsea have conceded the largest number of goals in the league from headers up till now (6 goals). Nathaniel Clyne and Alberto Moreno will try and take full advantage of this by bombing forward on every occasion. This will create lots of space for Hazard, Willian and possibly Remy (Costa may be injured) to counter with speed and precision. Willian certainly will be the main man for Chelsea as he has been in top form this season.

Milner Effect:

After the departure of Steven Gerrard, James Milner is the kind of role model Liverpool needed who can create chances in the mid field.  is a kind of a unsung hero in his career who does all the hard work but doesn’t get the credit he really deserves but not this time around as his stats shows he has run further than his teammates in every single Premier League game so far this season and Klopp has also applauded that Milner is a complete footballer, so looks like he will be the go to man for Klopp at Stamford Bridge.

Final word

The excitement could not be greater as both teams have a chance of kick starting their campaigns and Mourinho has to answer his critics. This is a must win game for both teams if they want to prove their doubters wrong and the players will be well aware of this. All in all we expect tomorrow’s game to be a great one .




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